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We offer FSC paper for all of our paper and cardboard products!
‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Going Green’

It seems everywhere you turn today you can find "eco-friendly" products or tips to help you "go green" but with all the available choices it can easily become overwhelming. So how do you decipher through all the options to understand what is truly right for you?

With the world‘s population consistently growing and our resources being used quicker than they are replenished, we are faced with a serious threat of depleting our resources. Since we cannot seem to replenish these resources as quick as we are using them we have two options: find a way to reduce our usage or recycle to lengthen the life of each resource.

SLI Goes Digital!
We Now Offer Digital Printing
We are extremely thrilled to be housing a new Konica Minolta digital printer, and are elated by the endless possibilities the new printer will provide. ...more
Digital Printing
What is New Online?
Important Web Updates
As you may have noticed we recently revamped our website to be more user-friendly and attractive. Along with the visual updates we added some great new services and features for our customers. ...more
At SLI, our priority is to make your vision a reality. Our dedicated customer service co-ordinators are assigned to each client account, to monitor projects, co-ordinate with the internal departments and make sure that client's expectations and deadlines are met. We will work with you to create a superior product.


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